8/30/2007 – 5/24/2019

 With her till the very end
I felt her drift away
Holding her and kissing her
And loving her all the way

I knew she’d been uncomfortable
As on my bed she lay
Breathing hard she took my hand
With her paw, as if to say

I love you, Mom but I’m so tired
Not really getting better
I’ve loved her oh so very much
Since the first day that I met her

Saw several kitties on that day
But Tiffany chose me
 I didn’t realize it then
How lucky I would be

She told me when to get up
When it was time to eat
In the evening on my lap she’d be
Giving ME a treat

I’ll miss those gorgeous eyes of blue
 And her purrs most every night
I’ll miss her kisses and her ‘nips’
It just doesn’t seem quite right

Hugging her and kissing her
I told her she’d be just fine
Seeing her drift off peacefully
Will give me peace of mind

Rest in Peace, Tiffany.  I love you


  • Unchained Melody [Orchestral]3:59