3/6/2002 – 7/24/2017


One of the hardest things I’ve had to do
In many many years
To say goodbye to you, sweet thing
My eyes are filled with tears

The constant thirst and hunger
You struggled with each day
I should have stopped much sooner
But I so wanted you to STAY

You were my sweet sweet Misty
And I loved you from day one
Your disposition and your soul
Unmatched by anyone 

Just a little baby
Barely six weeks old
Your markings were so pretty
And a joy meant to behold 

A tiny little thing you were
Into a beauty you did grow
And now your body’s frail and thin
Your pace once fast, is slow

Your blood work showed up pretty good
A month or so ago
But in my heart, I saw your ‘pain’
And knew that soon you’d go

No longer could I sit and watch
As the weakness in you grew
Your fight is finally over
And I am feeling blue   

I kissed your body one more time
I love you—oh so much
I’ll miss you and your sweet sweet ways
And I’ll miss your gentle touch 

Rest in Peace, Misty




















  • Unchained Melody [Orchestral]3:59