You owned my heart in every way 

My boy with eyes of green
You owned my heart and others, too
Not an ounce of you was mean

You were rescued from a roof top
A tiny baby kitty
And grew into a gentle giant
And oh--you were so pretty
Those gorgeous eyes could melt the heart
Of every soul you met
Your gentle purrs and kisses
I will not soon forget

 The asthma and inhaler
Caused some folks to laugh
But deep inside, I think perhaps
It cut your life in half

The recent battle you just fought
With pancreatitus, too
May have weakened your little heart
It was just too much for you

So dear sweet Jake I'll let you go
As tears fill up my eyes
Please send me licks and purrs galore
If you should hear me cry

A mamma's boy is what you were
And what you'll always be
You've owned my heart in every way
And every part of me

 Rest in Peace, Jake

Jake's Page



Jake - the gentle giant, 04/01/00-01/11/08


A gentle giant, now at rest
Missed so much--he was the best 
I love you more than words can say 
And will until my dying day

Rest in peace, in peace

Jake's Story

In April of 2000, a little black kitty came into the world somewhere on the grounds of a middle school in Sherman Oaks, California.  Some teens or pre-teens thought it would be cute to place him on the roof of the main building.  He was rescued and went to live with and love his new "mom".  He developed asthma early on and was on an inhaler--yes--an inhaler for much of his life.
Steroids and such bulked him up to 24 pounds--a gentle giant, as he was called by his friend and vet, Dr. Tracy McFarland.  In recent weeks Jake fought off a bout of pancreatitus and was doing quite well.  He even let Mom go on a short vacation. Without warning,on Friday, January 11, 2008, he suddenly could not navigate and breathing became very labored. Although he was immediately rushed to his doctor, his little heart couldn't take anymore and the world lost a sweetheart of a feline, Jake. This page is dedicated to his memory by Mom, Carolyn and sister, Misty. I want to thank Dr. Tracy McFarland for her dedication, compassion, and professionalism.  I've known this kind and wonderful human being for fourteen years, and one couldn't ask for a better vet and friend.  She works only with cats (hence the name, "The Cat Doctor") and truly loves her work.  She can't imagine how much her evening calls to check on the Jakester meant to me.  I am blessed to know such an individual.  A real gem! Here's Jake's Poem:

  • Unchained Melody [Orchestral]3:59

The Gentle Giant -- Jake 


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